Nordic Red Paint 10 l, Hangon Väri

Sävyt: Italianpunainen - Falunpunainen (=Extra)

Sävyt: Italianpunainen - Falunpunainen (=Extra)

Traditional nordic red paint from Hangon Väri Oy

The nordic paint is a very old type of exterior paint. The paint is suitable for untreated sawn wooden cladding or for substarets earlier painted with the same type of paint.

Nordic paint in 0,5 litres test pots can be found here

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NOTE: The colours on the screen are indicational.

Type: Nordic paint (Punamultamaali) is a ready mixed paint for exterior use. The paint is a traditional paint manufactured of rye flour with an addition of linseed oil.

Areas of use: Nordic paint can be used on exterior sawn wood cladding.

NOTE: Nordic paint can not be used on susrfaces which are earlier painted with other types of paint (alkyd and acrylate paint, linseed oil paint, industrial primers or wood oils)

Instructions: Brush surfaces clean from dust and dirt with a hard brush. Mix the paint thoroughly before painting. Brush the paint with a soft lage paint brush. Usually one coat is enough.
Coverage: approx. 3-5 m2 / l depending on surface.
Thinning: Thin with water. Brushes can be washed with water and soap.
Storage: Must not freeze
Manufacturer: Hangon Väri Oy, Finland

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