Lamb's-ear, matt linseed oil paint

Lamb's-ear, matt linseed oil paint

Lamb's-ear, matt linseed oil paint

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Matte linseed oil paint contains in addition to golour pigments and linseed oil small amounts of solvent. The used solvent has an extremely low benzene content (0,01%). Due to the properties of the solvent and the low zinc oxide content (under 2,5%) the Matte linseed oil paint is not classified as hazardrous to health or dangerous to the environment.

Painting: Prime unpainted and porous surfaces with Ottosson White primer indoors.
Before painting stir well until the paint is completely homogeneous.
Paint 1-2 layers of Matte linseed oil paint.
Coverage: 6-14 m2 / l / layer depending on the surface and the chosen application method.
Tools: Paint brush, roller with short hair, spray
Gloss: Matte
Drying time: Dust dry approx. 10 h, over coatable approx. 24 h.
Storing: The paint does not contain freezing components, can be stored in cold temperatures.

Painted surfaces can be washed with mild detergents after approx. 3 weeks.

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