• The order is paid with the payment methods provided by our payment service provider in your country.
  • The shop's currency is EUR. The prices include Finnish VAT 24 %.
  • You can choose the currency between Swedish krona SEK or EUR in the top menu. Regardless of chosen currency, all payments are made in EUR.
  • European business customers can buy products as intra-community supplies with VAT 0 %. This requires validation of the company's VAT-number at checkout. The products are sold by Uustaas Oy / Kymin Palokärki (VAT-nr: FI21231094).

Payment on checkout

On checkout you are urged to read and accept our delivery terms. After you have accepted our delivery terms you are transferred to our payment service provided by Checkout Finland. The order can be payed with credit card (Visa / Mastercard).

The payment service provider is Checkout Finland Oy. As the payment recipient on credit card invoices is Checkout. Kymin Palokärki does not handle any payment information.

Contact information of the payment service provider:

Checkout Finland Oy

VAT no: FI21966066

Eteläpuisto 2 C

3320 Tampere

tel. +358 (0)800 552 010 (monday-sunday 06:00-23:00)

e-mail: [email protected] (www.checkout.fi)