Kymin Palokärki

A small finnish paint factory

Our linseed oil paints are manufactured from pure raw materials at our paint factory in Sannäs, Porvoo.

Besides our own paints we stock raw materials for paints, such as pigments, oils and solvents. In our produgts range we also have premium quality paints and varnishes, as well as tools and utensils for painting from other manufacturers.

From our products range you will find traditional paints and varnishes, and also raw materials for all kinds of painting purposes - from boats and buildings to fine arts.


Kymin Palokärki was founded by the Kymi river in Karhula in the mid 80´s. After a quarter of a century Kymin Palokärki moved to Porvoo in 2011.

From the very beginning our paint factory has manufactured traditional paints, waxes and oils for all large variety of purposes. We also supply a wide variety of raw materials for paint manufacturing.

Our goal

Our goal is to manufacture traditional linseed oil paints from pure raw materials. We think that a traditional linseed oil paint does not contain fillers, solvents or any other oils or resins.

The amount of colour pigment in our paints is high, and the opacity and coverage of our paints is very good. Our paints can be altered with different oils and varnishes to suit the painters own purposes.

Our clients use our paints to coat their most valuable properties: their homes. That is why we think there must be no secret components that differ from the traditional composition in our paints. We are proud to declare the composition of our paints on their labels.

Our shop

In our paint shop you will find products with long user experience. Colour pigments, natural drying oils and solvents, high quality varnishes and paints as well as brushes and tools for painting.